Forest and Climate Change : adaptation initiatives and new management practices

The French network AFORCE and ISFORT, Institut des Sciences de la Forêt Tempérée in Quebec, have organised in collaboration with AgroParisTech, CNPF, EFIATLANTIC, INRA, GIP ECOFOR, ONF, OURANOS consortium, Canadian Forest Service and LabEx ARBRE, a secondinternational workshop. This event focused on the new management practices and on concrete adaptations measures, from their elaboration to their implementation. It was held in Nancy (France) on MARCH 8 and 9 2017 and gather nearly 130 participants.

The workshop is based on the conclusions of a comparison between France and Quebec carried out during 2016 about approaches and networks of actors working on forest adaptation to climate change. 

The workshop main targets was : 

  • to share forest experiences related to the support for changes
  • to describe existing initiatives of new practices that are used by forest managers concerned by current or future vulnerable forests.