AFORCE symposium #4 (2019)

For the past 10 years, scientists, technical advisors, teachers and trainers, public and private forest managers, have been gathering within AFORCE network to share and transform their knowledge into operational terms, and reassemble it into useful decision making tools for practitioners, forest advisors and managers. The network already prepares a new program for the 2020-2025 period.

The AFORCE network organised on 2 and 3 April in Montpellier (France) a symposium presenting the latest projects for the 10th anniversary of the network.

The AFORCE network, the only French network dedicated to forest adaptation to climate change, organised a symposium on 2 and 3 April 2019 in Montpellier (France), in a region which is heavily threatened by the evolutions of the climate and where the actors' mobilization is already very strong. This event was supported by the French Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the inter-profession France Bois Forêt, the National Rural Network, Europe, Occitanie region and Montpellier SupAgro. The results of the work carried out by the network during the past 5 years to provide support for foresters to prepare forests to climate change and to anticipate its effect on forests and on the forest-based sector were presented.

Approximatly 150 persons among a highly diversified public of researchers, development agents, technical advisors, forest managers, foresters and policy makers concerned by climate change shared their expertise on the subject. The European foresters (Andorra, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, United-Kingdom and Serbia) already involved in previous international workshops of the network were also there.

Program and slideshows of DAY 1


Welcoming speech
Olivier PICARD (CNPF, RMT AFORCE Coordinator)


Introductive speech
French Ministry of Agriculture

AFORCE – A French network dedicated to forest adaptation to climate change

Climate change: what can be expected for forests in the future?


SESSION 1 – State of the foresters mobilization in order to face climate change

Moderator: Patrice MENGIN-LECREULX (ONF)

How adaptive measures implemented to face climate change are taken into account by foresters (MACCLIF)


How to take into account climate change in forest management decisions, despite the uncertainty and the tools at our disposition?
Forestry Cooperation Group (GCF) + French Forest Experts (EFF)

Overview of the regional mobilization on forest adaptation to climate change: conlusion of an expert mission supported by the EIP-AGRI and the National Rural Network
Benjamin CHAPELET (CNPF-IDF) and Jean CROISEL (Regional Council Bourgogne Franche-Comté)

Presentation of European initiatives on climate change adaptation and risk mitigation by EFI and input of the EIP-AGRI via Focus Group
Christophe ORAZIO (EFIPLANT), Olivier PICARD (CNPF, RMT AFORCE Coordinator) and Pacôme ELOUNA-EYENGA (EIP-AGRI Service Point)

Aforce 2019 speakers - Sessions #1 (jpg - 49 Ko)

Aforce 2019 speakers - Sessions #1 : Patrice MENGIN-LECREULX, Eric SEVRIN, Annabelle AMM, Johann HOUSSET, Benjamin CHAPELET, Jean CROISEL, Pacôme ELOUNA-EYENGA

SESSION 2 – Improving the choice of tree species in a context
of climate change

Moderator: Alain BERTHELOT (FCBA)

A multipartner national network to evaluate genetic forestry resources for the future (ESPERENSE)

Supplying foresters with quality seeds in order to test new species (TREC)
Patrice BRAHIC (ONF) and Catherine DUCATILLION (INRA)

The Alpine and Mediterranean forests confronted with climate change in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (SYLFORCLIM)


SESSION 3 – What silviculture practices to promote in order to adapt forests to climate change?

Moderator: Philippe BALANDIER (IRSTEA)

Dendroecology study on Quercus petraea using long-term forest monitoring (ADAREEX)
François LEBOURGEOIS (AgroParisTech)

Effect of the reduction of leaf area on the sensitivity of trees to drought (REDSURF)
François COURBET (INRA), Nicolas MARTIN-St PAUL (INRA) and Jean LADIER (ONF)

EIP regional mobilization - Climate change, what future for the Douglas in Bourgogne?
Olivier PICARD (CNPF, RMT AFORCE Coordinator) in collaboration with Marie-Cécile DECONNINCK (CNPF-CRPF Bourgogne Franche-Comté)

Aforce 2019 speakers - Sessions #3 #4 (jpg - 61 Ko)

Aforce 2019 speakers - Sessions #3 #4 : Hedi KEBLI, Catherine DUCATILLION and Patrice BRAHIC, Pauline MARTY and Michel VENNETIER, Philippe BALANDIER, François LEBOURGEOIS, Jean LADIER, Julian CASQUET

Program and slideshows of DAY 2

The impact of climate change in the Pyrenean forest: the Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change (CANOPEE)

How to adapt forests to climate change in the Haut-Languedoc region: the LIFE FORECCAsT project
Juliane CASQUET and Constance PROUTIERE (PNR du Haut Languedoc), Raphaël BEC (CNPF-CRPF Occitanie)


SESSION 4 – Taking into account the risks
associated with climate change

Moderator: Christophe ORAZIO (EFIPLANT)

Evaluation and limitation of multiple risks in planted forests (MULTIRISKS)

Feasibility of forest health status diagnosis using remote sensing: example of chestnut in Dordogne (CASTELDIAG)
Michel CHARTIER (CNPF-IDF) and Véronique CHERET (Dynafor PURPAN)

EIP regional mobilization - Precision forestry in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Roland DE LARY (CNPF-CRPF Nouvelle-Aquitaine) and Céline MEREDIEU (INRA)


Demonstration of decision making tools

Spatial predictions of forest sites in the North West of France (PRESTATION-NO)
Jean-Baptiste REBOUL (CNPF-CRPF Normandie) and Christian PIEDALLU (AgroParisTech)

LUBERON 2, a simulation tool for the evaluation of genetic impacts of silviculture practices (IGS) => Translated

A tool for the selection of tree species (CARAVANE & IKSMAPS) => Translated
Sophie BERTIN (EKOLOG), Myriam LEGAY (ONF) and Alexandre PIBOULE (ONF)


Prospective Workshops

Workshop 1: How to connect strategies for forests adaptation to climate change and strategies for climate change mitigation by forests?
Moderator: Olivier PICARD (CNPF, RMT AFORCE Coordinator)
Guests: Julia GRIMAULT (I4CE) and Simon MARTEL (CNPF)


Workshop 2: How to make sure that Research and forest managers' community better communicate?
Moderator: Myriam LEGAY (ONF)

Workshop 3: How to dialogue with society and raise awareness on forests adaptation to climate change? => Translated
Moderator: Marielle BRUNETTE (INRA)
Guests: Adeline FAVREL (FNE) and Christine FARCY (University of Louvain)


Workshops' results and discussion

Assessment and prospects for the AFORCE Network
Olivier PICARD (CNPF, RMT AFORCE Coordinator) and Céline PERRIER (CNPF-IDF, RMT AFORCE Facilitator)


Ending speech


Aforce 2019 speakers - Day #2 (jpg - 44 Ko)

Aforce 2019 speakers - Day #2 : Sébastien CHAUVIN, Christophe ORAZIO, Céline MEREDIEU, Véronique CHERET, Roland DE LARY, Celine PERRIER, Olivier PICARD