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<span>Un </span>Réseau <span>pour l'</span>Adaptation des forêts <br /><span>au </span>Changement ClimatiqueUn Réseau pour l'Adaptation des forêts
au Changement Climatique

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- Introduction
Olivier PICARD, CNPF and coordinator of RMT AFORCE (France) & Frédérik DOYON, University of Quebec in Outaouais UQO-ISFORT (Canada)
- Supporting forests adaptation to climate change: a comparative review of approaches taken in France and Quebec
Olivier PICARD, CNPF and coordinator of RMT AFORCE (France), Frédérik DOYON, University of Quebec in Outaouais UQO-ISFORT (Canada), Myriam LEGAY, ONF (France) & Céline PERRIER, CNPF and RMT AFORCE animation (France), in collaboration with C. CHION
- A line made by walking: adaptation to climate change in forestry across Europe
Rita SOUSA-SILVA, University of Leuven (Belgium), in collaboration with B. VERBIST, Q. PONETTE, K. VERHEYEN and B. MUYS
- Actual and expected climate change: today's forest challenge
Jean-Luc PEYRON, GIP ECOFOR (France)
Session 1 - What tools to explore the various futures?

Moderator : Mériem FOURNIER, AgroParisTech
- Interactive atlas: Impacts of climate change on tree species distribution in Quebec (Canada)
Catherine PERIE, Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parcs/Forest Research (Canada)
- Evaluating adaptation options to cope with drought events under future climate: contributions from the on line water balance calculation tool Biljou©
Nathalie BRÉDA INRA (France), in collaboration with A. GRANIER, V. BADEAU and D. MAURICE
- Simulation-based decision support for forest management under climate change. An example from Austrian mountain forests.
Manfred J. LEXER, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria)
Session 2 - How are adaptive tests implemented at the level of management systems?

Moderators : Thierry CAQUET, INRA & Olivier PICARD, CNPF

► Identify which species to plant
- Testing tree species adapted to future climates: a test case for adaptive management
Peter BRANG, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL (Switzerland), in collaboration with K. STREIT
- Testing new genetic resources for forest adaptation: from pioneer realisations to the building of a national cooperative project
Myriam LEGAY, ONF & Cyril VITU, CRPF Grand est (France), in collaboration with B. MUSCH
- Assisted Migration in Canada and Tools to help
Dan Mc KENNEY, Natural Resources Canada, Great Lakes Forestry Center (Canada), in collaboration with J. PEDLAR and I. AUBIN
► Implement new silviculture practices
- Adapting management of federal lands in the western United States to climate change
Jessica HALOFSKY, University of Washington - School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (USA), in collaboration with David L. PETERSON
- Forest Water Balance: a practical guide
- Does uneven-aged silviculture better prepare forests to global change than even-aged silviculture?
Philippe NOLET, University of Quebec in Outaouais UQO-ISFORT (Canada), in collaboration with D. KNEESHAW, Ch. MESSIER, M. BELAND
- Transferring climate change research into forest management – examples from Southwest Germany
Axel ALBRECHT, Forest Research Institute Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany)
- Project ResilForMed: defining monitoring protocols and silvicultural management models to improve the resilience of sicilian forests to climate change
Marcello MIOZZO, DREAM Italia (Italy)
- REINFFORCE: An Atlantic demonstration site network for research on forest adaptation to climate change
- In search of robustness: modelling a portefolio of forest stand responses to different silvicultural treatments under global change threats
Frédérik DOYON, University of Quebec in Outaouais UQO-ISFORT (Canada), in collaboration with Ph. NOLET, P. DONOSO, Ch. MESSIER
Session 3 - How to encourage changes in practices and to ensure their monitoring?

- Bringing Science into Practice - experiences from guidance on integrated forest management applied to carrying climate change intelligence into practice
Marcus LINDNER, EFI international (Finland)
- Real-World Forest Adaptation: tools, examples, and lessons from the Northeastern United States
Christopher SWANSTON, USDA Forest Service - Northern Research Station (USA)
- Climate change and forests - strategies for the adequacy of communications
Kristina BLENNOW, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp (Sweden)
- How can multi-agent models provide lessons on the processes of change of practices: example in Sweden
Dr Victor BLANCO, University of Edinburgh (United-Kingdom), in collaboration with C. BROWN, S. HOLZHAUER, F. LAGREGREN, G. VULTURIUS, M. LINDESKOG and M. ROUNSEVELL
- Canada's Forest Change program and tools to support for adaptation
Dan Mc KENNEY, Canadian Forest Service (Canada), in collaboration with J. PEDLAR and I.AUBIN
- Networking for risk and crisis management on regional an international level
Yvonne CHTIOUI, Forest Research Institute Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany)
- What management decisions to take for mountain pine forests in order to face climate change?
Aurélien BARTHELEMY, Experts Forestiers de France (France), in collaboration with Ph. GOURMAIN
- Animation from students of AgroParisTech and EPLEFPA de Mirecourt
Directed by Mériem FOURNIER, AgroParisTech and Jean-Michel ESCURAT, EPLEFPA de Mirecourt (France)
- Conclusion
Eric BATAILLE, ministry of Forest and Agriculture (France)

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